Beach Party



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CrossBay Beach, the perfect place to begin the weekend festivities.

Getting to know you ....

crossbay table1.jpg (59723 bytes)

The Waynesboro crowd: Barbie and Bob O. (left); John and Drusie (right) 

From Boston: Mike (a.k.a. Potsie) and Anne (middle)


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from left    Debbie & Joe, Bob, Mike, Dave & Tenna



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from left     Barb & Dana, Donna, Elaine (seated); Barb & Bob, Steve, Debbie (standing)

Nice colors!



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Two tables by beach



abramsons1.jpg (35503 bytes)

from left  The Abramsons : Roberta (sister), Rita (mother), Sylvia (sister) and Sarah (sister in-law)



eulers1.jpg (58138 bytes)

from left  The Eulers : Robert Sr. (father), Robert Jr. (brother), Aly (niece), Joe (nephew), Sarah (sister in-law)

All smiles!



spock and donna1.jpg (48384 bytes)

OD and Katherine.jpg (33656 bytes)

OD and Miss K 

...are we having fun yet?

Donna & Steve (Spock) Dusse

kicking back



crossbay girls.jpg (44367 bytes)

Mr. Euler and a few of the girls

this must be heaven...


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