Bo-Fests Past


Thinking back to prior years...

I moved from California to Virginia in 1994, and started wondering when someone would have a party. 

After a year or so, I decided to stop waiting and have my own party.  Thus Bo-Fest was born.

Bo-Fest '95 (May 6, 1995)

  stilter.jpg (286696 bytes)  I just love stilt-walking contests

A major highlight of Bo-Fest '95 was the stilt-walking/drinking contests.  Thanks Troy!


no-hands.jpg (281269 bytes)    Look, no hands


   patio.jpg (149572 bytes) hanging around the pond


It was clear after Bo-Fest '95 that I would need more than one year to recover from the experience. 

So it was decided that Bo-Fests would occur every other (odd) year.

Bo-Fest '97 (August, 1997)

dancing.gif (249762 bytes)     Now is the time at Bo-Fest when we dance

Barbara attends her first Bo-Fest, and learns the ways of OD.


deck-scene.jpg (390636 bytes)     Deck action


Bo-Fest '99 (May 29, 1999)

Bo-Fest '99 featured a group from Boston, whose youthful exuberance added a level of excitement.

New activities like The Nature Walk and new places like the WILD Room kept everyone busy.

erik&allison.jpg (377497 bytes)     We need to go have a baby now



Bo-Fest '01 (May 22, 2001)

The most recent Bo-Fest featured a return by the group from Boston, who once again kept the barbecue hot.    

The WILD Room theater provided a diversion from the loud music and singing.


We'll leave the rest up to your imagination.